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The Student Leadership Team of the American Student Association of Community Colleges provides the leadership, direction, and organization for the only national student association exclusively representing America’s 12 million community college students.  The leadership team is comprised of three parts the Executive Team, Regional Representatives, and State Representatives.

The Executive Team is comprised of the President, the Vice President of Leadership, the Vice President of Citizenship, the Vice President of Advocacy  and Vice President of Communications.  Their main responsibility is to set the direction of the organization, organize student involvement, conferences, and initiatives.  The President represents the association to outside groups and speaks on behalf of the association.  Each Vice President has responsibility for the area described in their title as well as for specific regions that are assigned to them.

ASACC is comprised of 9 regions based on geographic proximity and number of community colleges located within the boundaries.  Each region is afforded one Regional Representative that works to build membership, networking, and collaboration for ASACC within their area.  The Executive Team and Regional Representatives comprise the governing board of ASACC.

A critical component of student involvement in ASACC is the State Representative position.  State Representatives work to build ASACC within their State and encourage student government organizations to focus on both state and national issues.

ASACC is continually accepting applications for participation in the roles described above.  If you are interested in serving on the Leadership Team and helping to build ASACC please contact us at


Student Leadership Application 


2015-16 Officers

  • Zack Dearing President – Utah Valley University (UT) – 801-960-8303 

  • Kevin Richter  VP of Advocacy – Milwaukee Area Technical College (WI) – 414-803-1963 

  • Danielle Armstrong  VP of  Leadership – Trinidad State Junior College  (CO) 
  • Robb Rusch VP of Communication – Milwaukee Area Technical College (WI) – 414-350-1095
  • Chance Wilson  Southwest Regional Representative – Utah Valley University (UT) – 801-725-8134

  • Grace Bako  Mid-Atlantic Regional Representative – Montgomery County Community College (PA) – 484-620-6301